SOCRATES2.0 paves the way for the next generation in traffic management. Public and private parties cooperate to provide optimal traffic services (faster, safer, cleaner) for individual drivers. Also securing the collective interests via mobile/in-car and roadside services and (in the future) self-driving vehicles.

Socrates unites road authorities, service providers and car manufacturers. Pilots run in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Munich and Antwerp.

The pilot in Amsterdam will take place in 2019 and see over 6,000 users test new and extended mobile/in-car services. These are based on interactive traffic management solutions. Collaborators are BMW, Tom-Tom, HERE, Technolution, Brand MKRS creative agency and Be-Mobile. Examples of future applications: Smart routing, real-time speed & lane advice and local notifications of road hazards on high ways and (inter)urban roads. 

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