Common Operational Picture as a service

The COP is a web application that collects relevant traffic management data from public and private sources and presents this in a clear way for improved decision-making. Using this system, you can clearly see all of the available public and private traffic information on a single screen.

From an Operational Mobility Centre (OMC) this shared overview is used by various road authorities to regulate the flow of traffic around large events in real time. In addition, the COP provides insight into the messages on social media concerning traffic conditions at and around event locations.

On the basis of this shared overview, road traffic leaders and managers can make better decisions about the use of entry and exit routes and the distribution of cars over different parking garages. With applications such as Flitsmeister and Livecrowd, this real time information can be communicated directly to the road users. The application is also capable of processing information from other apps, real time floating car data (FCD) and other sources of data.

COP is for all traffic control centres

The Common Operational Picture has been developed using open architecture and open interfaces. This makes it possible to add public and private FCD information. With this feature, all public and private traffic centres in the Netherlands and abroad can implement COP. It is currently being offered as a service by PPA partners from the private sector.

The COP is being tested by partners of the Amsterdam Practical Trial and during busy events in the Amsterdam Arena area, such as performances from U2 and the Rolling Stones, and Ajax football games.