First steps in testing the integration of roadside and in-car systems

Amsterdam Practical Trial’s second phase consisted of three tests that work towards the gradual integration of innovative roadside and in-car systems. The tests are in Amsterdam North and Zaanstad; Amsterdam West; and Amsterdam South East.

APT North

The APT North test looked at how to improve and further develop the full potential of the intelligent roadside technologies system as tested in phase 1. This trial also looks at the possible application of the system in other parts of the Netherlands. APT North took place on the N516 and the A8/A10 and the Verlengde Stellingweg road in the Municipality of Zaanstad.

Resultaten Noord

APT West

APT West also tested improvements of the roadside system as tested in phase 1. In the second part of the trial, APT West will test how this system can use ‘live’ traffic information from cars (floating car data). The objective of this test is to assess if it is a cost-effective method for improving traffic flow.

APT South East

The APT project in South East investigated how the congestion before, during and after events can be reduced. The test uses existing in-car and roadside technology to spread drivers across different carparks in the area. Depending on the location and needs of drivers, the app spreads traffic in the case of a nearby event taking place. One part of the test is to look at options for acquiring data up to four hours prior to an event, during and two hours after the event. Traffic management services to collect data from include specialised data companies as well as the Dutch government.

Resultaten Zuidoost

Phase 2’s evaluation reports are available in the database on this site.